What is Scalar Wave Light Therapy?

By Rania Watts

The non-invasive use of Cold Laser with Diodes – emitting Red, Violet and UltraViolet Frequencies. FDA approved (USA). Totally safe and natural. Scientifically and medically proven to reduce pain and inflammation.

“Scalar therapy is considered a form of alternative medicine that utilizes energy waves to bolster an individual’s overall health, stamina, and mood. The items utilized in scalar therapy relate to quantum energy and quantum science. By harnessing electromagnetic fields (EMFs), scalar energy can be used for healing and stress relief.” (Mind is the Master, 2021) 

I have heard clients feel relaxed, yet energized and light. Plus the fact that it also assists with depression, stress, emotional and physical detoxification, anti-ageing and sleeping imbalances is a complete bonus. This works best when the client is fully clothed in white fabric, to enable the light to penetrate the fibres with ease.  

I had never heard of Scalar Wave Light Therapy prior to writing this blog.  I think it makes a lot of sense to attempt to heal on a quantum level. I believe it is as important as nourishing your mind or your soul.  It is truly quite fascinating, 

“Since scalar waves aren’t present in the third dimension, where all the matter in the physical world exists, their movement is swift since there are no physical objects that can limit these waves. That makes scalar waves unique when compared to transverse EM waves, which can be obstructed by physical objects.” (Mind is the Master, 2021) 

We are multidimensional human beings so it makes sense to aid all aspects of ourselves. 

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