Just Say ‘Yes’

“Would you like to experience deep and profound connection between Mind, Body and Spirit? Would you like to allow miracles of abundance, health and success to constantly be present in your life? Would you like to feel empowered and pampered at the same time? I use powerful treatments using holistic methods and cutting edge science to ensure you are living to your best potential.”

— Gulrukh Khan

  • Experience profound healing and expansion
  • Live fully in the present moment
  • Design your happiest future
  • Maintain your highest potential
  • Allow miracles of abundance to flow effortlessly.
    We only need to say ‘yes’ ….

“I have received, on two separate occasions, Quantum Light Therapy with ‘Energy Healing and Activations’ from Gulrukh Khan… I felt extremely relaxed and could feel all my energy moving and expanding. I didn’t want to fall asleep during any part of it because I didn’t want to miss any of the experience.

After the first session of 2 hours, my overall energy levels became so much better. And my mind was alert and fresh. The second session worked even deeper, clearing any old layers of built up fatigue. I am looking forward to my next session, as what I have received so far, has changed my energy in the most wonderful way. I have no hesitation in saying to anyone who may like to try this, that I feel wonderful and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Gulrukh’s personalised treatments, and herself as a Practitioner, to everyone.” Robert Watts, Film and TV Producer

(Star Wars film Series, Indiana Jones film series , Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Modalities & Therapies

– Scalar Wave, Quantum Light Therapy(TM) (FDA Approved)

– Counselling or relationships, depression, anger, bereavement, trauma, addiction

– Life and Success Coaching- Diet and Nutrition

– Smoking Cessation

– Toxicology Assessment / Advice 

– Clinical Aromatherapy Massage with Acupressure (Women)

– Therapeutic Massage with Acupressure (Women)

– Remote Healing

About Me

Fully qualified and practicing Holistic Specialist, dealing with Mind, Body and Spirit for 20 years. Holds Professional Certification in: Coaching, Advanced Law of Attraction, Clinical Aromatherapy with Acupressure Massage and Oriental Diagnosis, Clinical Aromatherapy for Skin Conditions & Other Ailments, Advanced Theta Healing, Intuitive Body Scanning, Advanced Baby Massage, Diet and Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Hypnotherapy, Toxicology, Amnesty International certification in ‘Fundamentals of Human Rights’. Also works professionally with ‘Life Activations and Alignments’, ‘Distant Healing’, and ‘Scalar Wave Light Therapy’ (Cold Laser). – A natural ‘Empath and Intuitive’ and able to work on subtle and physical levels. – Descended from a lineage of Complementary Medical Practitioners: Her Paternal grandfather Sir Maqsood Jung, was the Unani Practitioner to The Nizam of Hyderabad (at one time the…

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