What is Telepathy?

By Rania Watts

As defined by the Oxford online dictionary. “noun. /təˈlepəθi/ /təˈlepəθi/ [uncountable] the direct communication of thoughts or feelings from one person to another without using speech, writing, or any other normal method.” 

That being said, I once had this PHENOMENAL mentor who had died upon my completion of secondary school. We would always talk about various subjects such as telepathy, destiny, and how to be an instrument for the universe. It was an odd connection I had with him – not odd in a bad way, but a quirky one, as nothing was off limits. 

We would discuss various human connections and weird things that would happen – such as thinking about someone and the next day they call you. There are very strong connections on this planet that end up being classified as strange ,as humans don’t necessarily want to leave their comfort zone in the process of enlightenment.   

Nick explained to me that everyone has their different frequencies and, at times, those connections surpass the physical body and transcend through the mind. To be able to communicate with another human being with the absence of words is truly phenomenal.  We, as humans, house this capacity, for more than we allow for our mind to achieve.  

Take a look at all these peer reviewed articles I found on telepathy.   




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