Chinese Diagnosis

By: Rania M M Watts

I am the type of human who relishes the concepts of the elements, as I feel organically they are a part of essentially all of us.  In fact, “there are five main elements of Chinese Medicine: The Fire Element, The Earth Element, The Metal Element, The Wood Element, and The Water element.”

*According to the article that I read, we each have one dominant element. However, there are backup elements that come into play when necessary.  Almost like when a sense has been lost, all the other senses work harder to compensate for the one that is missing.  

Elemental characteristics are broken down as such: 

The Fire Element, includes various physical and psychological symptoms such as overheating, skin irritations, mood swings, and lack of concentration to name a few.  The organ associated with the Fire Element is the heart. 

The Earth Element, which makes its appearance during the time of harvest in late summer. This element is represented by the digestive tract; it is the perfect time of year to study, learn and digest not only the nourishment we require for our body – but also for the mind, and spirit. 

The Metal Element, is associated with fall and the philosophy of letting go. Typically, this is the time the earth uses to disconnect as it slowly enters the winter seasons. 

The Wood Element, emerges in the Spring as it is predominantly about rebirth and prosperity with the liver (Qi) as its’ most dominant organ.  The liver is known as an “emotional and physical detoxification organ.” Once it is no longer able to detoxify, all sorts of chaos can erupt – such as “emotional upset, or tightness in the abdomen.” There are many recommendations to keep the Qi flowing-  “Licorice, Dry Orange Peel, Lily flower, Fennel, Caraway, Garlic, Chive, and Kumquat”* to name a few. 

The Water Element, the water element is fluid in all of nature through all seasons. The constitution of water is found steeped in “wisdom, Zhi ‘knowing without knowing,’” * Also has the capacity for reflection.  

In summary, all of the elements relate directly to various parts of the body and the earth cycle – and  show the immense complexity and brilliance of the Great Mother. 

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