What is Channelling?

By Rania Watts

Manifestation can occur in various ways. We can channel our mind to focus and set goals we would otherwise classify as impossible. 

I found this phenomenal article on Success.com that discusses all the steps on can take to channel our passions in life which include “be consistent, make incremental moves, build your resilience, practice self-discipline, act now, dive in and let things unfold organically, ride the way of your passion, project a worst-case scenario, create a plan, but be flexible, write it down, think realistically, measure your results, find people who share the same passion, don’t be afraid to fail, let go of expectations.” (YEC, February 26, 2020)  

That being said, I can add my two cents in which is I have to admit I really like the “project a worst-case scenario” and I will tell you why.  Years ago, I was speaking to a therapist who was a friend of mine. She had told me something that she had suggested to one of her clients (who was really struggling with the fear of the future).  This client constantly thought “what if, what if, what if…” to the point that it began to cripple the client.  She had turned to her client and said, ‘instead of focusing on what if’s, why don’t you focus on if then, what?’ 

My friend has told me she saw a spark in her client’s eyes. She realized what she was advised would be of assistance on numerous levels. 

We all want to channel positive things for our lives. However, life is not always beautiful. There are very dark aspects to life if we allow our mind to wander into those mental spaces.  

Understanding the power we have, as humans, to adjust our thought process for the purpose of adaptation is quite remarkable. 


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