What is Addiction?

By Rania Watts

As a child, we immigrated to Montreal from Lebanon. I have specific memories as to when my sugar addiction started.  One night before bedtime, a friend of my parent’s came over and brought a little brown paper bag with him that was filled with sweets for me.  I used to have one, brush my teeth and hide the rest of the candy under my bed. 

Since then, I have traded my brown paper bags for pretty glass bottles. It is still the same thing in a different package.  

I have since tried to cut my sugar intake. However, we all know that addiction is a very powerful thing that can manifest very quickly.  Being addicted to sugar was probably the worst thing that I could do to my body.  However, I needed to have my sugar ‘fix’, especially after I quit smoking.  Sometimes in life we trade additions for the other.  

It can be the same thing, regardless of what item is abused, whether it is synthetic or organic – addiction always manifests itself differently.  And can, indeed change lives, if not taken care of (and not for the better).  

There are apparently “substances or behaviours that can trigger addition which, as a coping strategy, include: coffee or caffeine, gambling, anger,  food, technology, sex and work.”  The correlation between these behaviours and addiction could very quickly transform a simple addiction to a slippery slope, if not properly tended to.  

There are many organizations that can assist with whatever your addiction is. Please reach out to a professional if you feel your situation is uncontrollable. 


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