Dangers of too much EMF’s around us

I have a family member who is literally OBSESSED with EMF’s and their impact on humanity.  They are constantly sending articles and little stickers for my phone- to absorb the radioactive field around us.

 This article that was written on The Verge states that “People are putting their routers in jail to protect themselves from harmless Wi-Fi” and warns against the dangers of using a Faraday cage around their routers to block electromagnetic fields. If you put this Faraday Cage contraption around your router it shows that it completely blocks the signal altogether, basically impacting your internet speed to that of a slow snail’s space. 

I would highly recommend that you watch this video below which clearly outlines how 5G works and lists its pro & cons.  

It is a scientific explanation that I feel would surpass anything I could possibly write on the subject.


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