Herbal VS Pharma

By Rania Watts

This debate has been occurring for such a long time. Is organic vs synthetic better? Which ones hold the best outcome for a client? 

The truth of the matter is – it is something that I cannot answer, I have known individuals who are OBSESSED with all things herbal and organic – who feel that the medical field and science is a scam; and others who feel that science is the only way forward.  

To single mindedly think one is better means one is completely ignoring the knowledge and benefits on the side of this coin . Both sides have their pitfalls too.  

Personally, I see the benefit in both pharmaceutical and herbal WHEN USED PROPERLY AND UNDER A PRESCRIPTION. 

Personally I have used both herbal and pharmaceuticals to treat various ailments.  It is honestly about what you feel is better for you. Judgment should not be passed on either side of this debate as both have their beneficial uses.  

Prior to all of our modern-day pharmaceuticals, various cultures used to use herbs to cure whatever ailments were travelling through their tribes.  

There is a reason we have sacred medicines on this earth that have been used for thousands of years. This interesting article from Discover Magazine, which discusses the benefits of Black Cumin Powder, (something that has been around for more than 2,000 years) provides a little food for thought – literally.  

Just a simple example that neither is herbal is better than pharmaceuticals or vice versa.  Humans must use what works best for them.



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