What is grief?

By Rania Watts

Death brings with it so many questions and almost forces everyone to look internally, with regards to the person they are versus the person they desire to be.  Death holds the potential to push our boundaries to see what we are able to achieve on this earth.  

I have observed individuals who lost someone to a drink-driving accident – who refuse to drink, or someone who watched their best friend die in front of them and realised that they had no real love in their life. Or those who have memorialised their hero and create goals for themselves – based on what others wanted for them – honouring that life for themselves.

Personally, all of the deaths I’ve experienced throughout my life have changed me. My first experience with death was at the age of 8, when my best friend died.  

I remember, when my teacher called my parents to let them know that I was going to be able to attend the funeral. My mother didn’t fully realise I was quite aware and sensitive at that age. She turned to me and said, “you know this is a sad time, right?”  

All I wanted to do was honour his life. Even at the age of 8 years old, I understood the importance of celebrating the life of this beloved friend who spent many indoor recesses with me. 

I still think of James, the funeral and the ache his mother exhibited when she literally jumped on top of his open casket. It was a sight that I would never wish on anyone, ever.  Now, as a parent, my ache for James’ mother is a thought I would ever wish on any parent. 

Any personal opinions expressed in this blog solely belong to the author Rania Watts and not the Practitioner advertised in this website or social media.




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