Benefits of use for Sage Essential Oil and its uses

By Rania Watts

Without even researching Sage Essential Oil, I can say to you with certainty that Sage in its natural state, when boiled, holds tremendous benefits in combating menopause cramps. It can also reduce stress, heal wounds, relieve period symptoms and promote mental function.  

This is another oil that should not be used on the skin undiluted. Please ensure to use a patch test, dilute your Sage Essential Oil with a carrier oil and always test it out on a small patch of skin before applying it in large volumes on your skin. 

some other facts about this simple plant are that it is “possibly antifungal, potentially antimicrobial, possibly antibacterial, can act as an antioxidant, possibly antiseptic, possibly anti-inflammatory, possibly antispasmodic, potentially cholagogue & choleretic, can act as a cicatrisant, can act as a depurative, possibly a digestive medicine, possibly a disinfectant, can act as an emmenagogue, possibly an expectorant, febrifuge, can act as a laxative, possibly a stimulant.  Word of caution: being a nervous stimulant, those with epilepsy, hysteria, or a history of either, should avoid using it. Furthermore, since it contains camphor and camphene, which are toxic in nature, it should be avoided during pregnancy.” (Nagdeve. M, June 2021) 

I would suggest checking out this article by Meenakshi Nagdeve entitled 17 Surprising Benefits of Sage Essential Oil for more information.

Any personal opinions expressed in this blog solely belong to the author Rania Watts and not the Practitioner advertised in this website or social media.

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