Benefits of Massage

By Rania Watts

I don’t know why, but when it comes to thoughts of massage, I am always brought back to the second year of my Social Service Worker Diploma – where I did my placement at the People with AIDS Foundation. One of the services that had been offered to HIV positive clients was massage. 

I would like to make a note that there were times when I would see patients attempt to be stoic prior to their massage; the pain they carried may not have been outwardly expressed. However, when you are around humans for a long time in a clinical capacity, one does not take certain ques.  

The majority of TPWA’s clients would go into that room feeling emotional and leave that room with expressions to meet the joy and airiness of a puffy cloud in the sky, without a care in the world. It was obvious that the massage had indeed rejuvenated them. As a placement student interested in studying massage and therapeutic touch, it was such a wonderful scene to be a witness. 

Another memory is of a crazy old music teacher, whose son I would babysit.  One day, when she had come home from a massage, I saw the transformation on her face.  When she left the house, she was riddled with anxiety and upon her return all the anxiety melted away – to the point that she was putting away slightly wet dishes in the cabinet and did not care. (I did go after and dry the dishes and put them away myself properly.) 

She had been so moved by the massage, that nothing frustrated or bothered her.  I could have written more about the physical benefits of massage. However, I feel the emotions post massage is more important.  I have added some links below for you – about how massage can not only assist your body but also your mind and spirit.   

Any personal opinions expressed in this blog solely belong to the author Rania Watts and not the Practitioner advertised in this website or social media.

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